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I often get asked “ Why eggplant?” I remember sitting in the back of a car, looking out of the window and thinking of a new business name. Eggplant came to mind. Colors. Aubergine. Purple. Lime Green. I love color. 

They’re cute. And eggplants come in different shapes & sizes. Some have stripes, patterns, some solid. 

It also tastes good breaded, topped with cheese and some tomato sauce. Sprinkled with parm, if you like. 

I’d like to think my designs are the same. They taste good. Colorful. Sprinkled with patterns or not. They solve the problem for what you need at that time. 

I like to be conceptual and have an idea to solve the problem. 


As there are many types of eggplants I have many types of art. I was a fine artist before a graphic designer.  Lately my passions have been mono prints and henna art. And sunflowers. 

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